Footpath 24, 27 & other bits

Hurrah!  Footpath 27 has been reopened after a long period of closure.  A lot of cosmetic work has been done to make the path look at its best.  Unfortunately the steps aren’t quite up to ECC standard, so they will have to be changed at some point in the future, hopefully before June when the build finishes.

Second point; north/south section which runs between the two development sites (Footpath 24) may be closed for short periods later this month.  At the moment a high voltage cable needs to be laid along the side of the path.  It should be possible, given the width of the path, to safely keep the path open but Bloor also needs to make some major drainage connections.  This drainage connection work will probably occur in the second half of January and may require this part of FP24 to be closed twice for several days at a time.  If this happens potentially this bit of path will be closed for about five days at a time and whilst these works are taking place the public will finally be able to use FP27 as the diversion route.  The expectation is that FP24 will be will be available by February so hopefully, any closures will not last for more than five days at a time.