Community Awards 2017

East Donyland Parish Council will host the 2017 Rowhedge Community Awards on 27th April as part of the Parish Assembly.

The aim of these awards is to contribute to developing community spirit and helping to promote activities that EDPC considers important for Rowhedge.

The criteria for the awards are:

  • All awards are to recognise those individuals in Rowhedge who have made or are making a positive contribution to Rowhedge life and are showing leadership, initiative or commitment in the local community.
  • The council may make up to three awards in any one year, including one or more for a person under 18 years of age.
  • No serving Councillor or Officer may receive an award but may nominate someone.
  • The award can only be given to people who live or work in Rowhedge.
  • The nominator must live or work in Rowhedge.

If you know someone who deserves an award for their contribution to our community, please get in touch and nominate them. The nomination form can be downloaded here:

Nomination Form 2017.